Our development process is designed to be flexible to meet our client’s individual needs. Some projects require a lot of time on the Ideate stage to vet options and uncover opportunities. On other projects, we rapidly move into the Development stage because the client has clearly defined the requirements and has a detailed vision for the desired outcome. There is not a “one size fits all” approach but after designing hundreds of products we know a thing our two about the process.

The Process.png



Define goals and identify strategic direction.

  • Design Research

  • Market Research

  • Technical Assessment

  • Manufacturing Strategy

  • Opportunity Assessment

  • Regulatory Planning (FDA, CE, UL)




Conceptual exploration and discovery.

  • IP Opportunities

  • Refine Function

  • Refine Features

  • Define Look & Feel




Transform conceptual ideas into viable solutions.

  • Industrial Design

  • Mechanical / Electrical Engineering

  • CAD Development

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • Aesthetic Development

  • Simulation Testing




Prototype samples and functional components.

  • Functional Models

  • Aesthetic Mock-ups

  • 3D Printed Parts

  • CNC Milled Parts

  • RTV Casting

  • Short Run Manufacturing.




Test assumptions, verify and validate performance.

  • Functional Testing

  • Usability Studies

  • Verify to Requirements

  • Consumer Feedback

  • Market Validation




Product Launch and Commercialization

A product launch can take place in a many different ways. You might chose to start a crowd funding campaign, license your product to a larger company, display at a trade show or even sell direct.

When you are ready to launch your product, we have plenty of tools in our wheel house to help!